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Wedding 1 &2

I feel so honored to have been asked to create flowers for couples weddings.

It is such a special day for two people, I love that I can be a part of making it a memorable day for them. To have the floral beauty captured in photos for them to look back on 50 years from now and still feel the love of the day.

My first wedding was for a lovely couple Nicole and Greg, who were having a quiet wedding at their home, to then surprise all their friends a week later! What an exciting way to celebrate.

Their 2 children, Lyla and Dylan were their Bridesmaid and Groomsman which I think makes the day even more special for them all.

As it was a quiet wedding in their home garden, which is surrounded by beautiful Gum trees and native plants, Nicole was wanting the bouquets kept very simple but native. They were stunning King Proteas, which just looked amazing with her dress. Simple but absolutely gorgeous.

My second wedding was for another beautiful couple Jess and Tony. This couple loved the idea of getting married so much, they wanted to do it twice!! They had a beautiful traditional ceremony with family and a couple of weeks later in front of all their family and friends, had a second ceremony and reception at the St Leonards Yacht Club.

Instead of using an Arbour for their service, they used my "LOVE" wooden sign decorated with some flowers, to stand in front of, it suited the day perfectly.Once the reception started and the sun went down, the lights on the "LOVE" sign were turned on, to set tone of the whole day for Jess and Daniel.

Jess flowers were individually chosen by her. They included, Carnations, Myrtle, Camomile, Chrysanthemums, Billy Button, Sea Holly and Rosemary that she had been growing at home in her own pot! This combination of flowers all together looked so beautiful, and suited the absolutely stunning bride.

Photos by CapturedPro Photography, and Madeline Kuklych.

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