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A Very Special Birthday.

I am so absolutely honoured and thrilled to have been able to decorate for this 1st Birthday!

Little Makenzie is a very special little girl, as she was a long time coming and is now cherished by all.

The request was for the flowers to help decorate making the room pretty and girly. Looking at the pictures, I think I achieved that!

I had flowers in vases of many different sizes around the room. I decorated her high chair with a trail of foliage and flowers. The most special piece was the BIG number 1 all covered in fresh pink and white flowers! This looked absolutely perfect sitting on the present table.

Turning 1 is a very special birthday to celebrate! It is not only the first birthday of the child, but it is also the celebration for the parents that they have made it through all the challenges of their first year of being a parent to that child. Definitely worth celebrating!

Wishing Makenzie a very happy and wonderful birthday! And Congratulations to her parents who have made it through their first year. Now you know you can take on anything! Makenzie is lucky to have such wonderful parents!

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