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You Only Turn 40 Once!

I always said I wanted to be in Paris for my 40th!! As much as I wished and dreamed this would be come true, having 3 young children, my business as well as my husbands shift work, this was not going to happen due to all different reasons.

So I decided I would bring Paris to me!

Starting with a gorgeous Parisian and flower designed invitation from Aleigh Design. Then I was on the look out for anything French or that had a Parisian feel.

Along with my gorgeous husbands help, I built an Eiffel Tower and trailed gorgeous different shades of pink roses and greenery down the Eiffel Tower. Sitting on some fake grass, along side a bench seat and cast iron tables and chairs, this looked perfect!

At the entrance I had a beautiful ladies bike with flowers in the basket. As riding bikes is a huge past time and way of transport in France as well as buying flowers along the roadside, this had to be a part of the decorations!

White parasoles, and white lanterns along with a gorgeous chandelier hanging with white disbuds, and circle hanging installations with pink and white carnations helped decorate the ceiling. French Window hangings helping to decorate the walls.

Being a 40th birthday, having a large number 40 was a must!! Yes of course it had to include flowers. This was created using lots of foliage as well as the same pink roses as the Eiffel Tower. This stood along side the gorgeous cake made by Arienne Micallef, again with the same pink roses. This cake I do have to say was not only decorated beautifully, but was also the most delicious cake I have ever had. Thank you so much Arienne!!

We were so lucky with the weather, the children were able to go out and play the giant games I had for them! All of these are available for hire if required alongside your flowers for your special occasion.

I was so thrilled and grateful to have my wonderful family and friends come and share my day, and to have most dress in the Parisian theme made it extra special.

I felt like I was in Paris for a day!!!

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