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Geelong Wedding Business Awards

I was absolutely speechless to have learned that I had been nominated for the Florist section of the Geelong Wedding Business Awards. If you could imagine me doing a little skip in the air, I was doing it!

To be new in this industry, after my career change, at times has been a bit daunting. I have greatly appreciated all the support and encouragement from Georgie Stanton and the "Geelong Flower Farm". We are so lucky to have them supporting the industry in our area.

Seeing all the other talented businesses around the Geelong and the Bellarine peninsula, who are much bigger and have been in the industry for a lot longer than I have, I am so excited that one of my bridal couple believes that I am worthy of this award!

I have always remained true to who I am and what I can offer. I love the challenges that each wedding brings, and I thrive on meeting and working with new vendors each time. It is special when you get to know other vendors, and have the confidence in recommending them to bridal parties as well. We are so lucky with what our Geelong and Bellarine areas have to offer!!

Wishing everyone who has been nominated in all the different categories the best of luck!

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