Bath, Body & Beer Basket is perfect to spoil the man in your life!! 


Vielong's Horse Hair Shaving Brush

Washpool's Shaving Soap

Washpool's Shaving Puck

Washpool's Magnesium Bath Salts

Washpool's Shower, Shave and Shampoo 3 in 1 bar. 

Stray Whisker After Balm

Shaving soap bowl.


"Washpool" is a small business that creates beautiful natural products, including these highly recommended shaving and bath products. 


"The Vielong Horse Hair Shaving Brush sports a knot of natural unbleached horse hair (a mixture of mane and tail).Horse hair bristles are soft and retain water well, performing comparably to a badger or boar hair brush. Bristles are made from clippings when a horse is groomed. The horse is not harmed in the process, making horse hair brushes a friendly and sustainable alternative to boar or badger.


Lather lightly without pressure. Rinse the brush thoroughly after use and remove all excess moisture. Hang brush in the open to dry with the bristles pointing down.


"Brewicolo" is a family owned independent craft brewery. All beers have no added preservitives and are brewed and packaged on site in Ocean Grove.


The Fiji sun inspired this hibiscus, honey and lime infused lager. Piqi is the Fijian word for Pink so expect pink hues, a subtle honey sweetness with a crisp citrus finish.



Kofe is Fijian for coffee and this well crafted brown ale is just like the first coffee of the day. A malt driven ale with quality coffee beans provided by Hello Coffee in Apollo Bay, it's rich and roasty!

Bath, Body & Beer